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By V V Ezhela; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.; et al

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380 B:235, 1996 First Measurement of the Spin-Transfer Parameter Knoon in the j@ + iin Reaction at 875 MeV/c Eur. Phys. J. C2:627, 1998 Spin Observable in Neutron-Proton Elastic Scattering Nucl. Phys. A625:231, 1997; KEK-96-158 Scalar and Vector Meson Production and Two-Step Processes in (K-, K+) Reaction on 12C Phys. Lett. 444 B:267, 1998; KEK-98-24 Enhanced A A Production near Threshold in the 12C (K–, K+) Reaction Nuc[. Phys. A648:263, 1999; KEK-97-224 A Study of X+p Elastic Scattering in the Region of 300 < fi < 600 MeV/c with a Scintillating Fiber Target Phys.

57:1672, 1994 Pontecorvo Reactions in F deuteron Annihilation at Rest Phys. At. Nucl. 57:1711, 1994; Yad. Phys. 57:1782, 1994 n-Decay Branching Ratio Phys. At. Nucl. 57:1497, 1994; Yad. Phys. 57:1572, 1994 Search for Hybrids Phys. Lett. 327 B:425, 1994 Study of F p Annihilation at Rest into w q To Phys. Lett. 333 B:271, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-078 Search for a New Light Gauge Boson in Decays of no and q Phys. Lett. 333 B:277, 1994 Observation of a New lG(JPC) = 1–(0++) Resonance at 1450 MeV Phys. Lett.

Lett. 2 GeV at~= Phys. Lett. 328 B:207, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-042 Measurement of the r– + hadronno v. and i–– + hadron27r0 (Xo’s) u. Branching RatiOs Phys. Lett. 327 B:411, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-043 using a Jet Charge Technique Measurement of the Time Dependence of 13° + ~ 0 Mixing Z. Phys. C63:181, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-049 Measurement of the Production Rates of Charged Hadrons in e+ e- Annihilation at the 2° Z. Phys. C63:197, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-51 QCD Studies using a Cone Based Jet Finding Algorithm for e+ e- Collisions at LEP Z.

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