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Interest was once discouraged within the Greene tribe. Its individuals lived out their lives in cramped Quarters, hacking away on the encroaching ponics. As to the place they have been - that used to be forgotten. Roy whinge makes a decision to determine. With the renegade priest Marapper, he strikes into unmapped territory, the place they make a chain of discoveries which flip their universe upside-down.

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Suddenly,he knew that he wanted this better life that she described;and knew also that he could not live without her. 'hethought. 'You will go,' saidHester,calmly, as he looked at her. And so it was decided. At once, a strange feeling of happinesscame over him; somethingwhich he had thought was deadin him. ' he cried. ' afteadya better life. 'The past is gone! ' And shepulled the scarletletter from her bosom and threw it in among the trees. 'I She breathed deeply. Next, shepulled off her hat, and her hair fell down upon her shoulders,dark and rich, softeningher face as it did so.

Put the parts of sentencesin the right order, and foin them with the best linking word from each pair. Begin with number 4. 1 He stood there in front of the crowd and cried out 2 after I buthe pushedthe doctor away 3 if I becausealmosr at once the priest fell to the ground. 4 Yes, I was there, quite close to Mr Dimmesdale 5 yet / and climbed up onro the scaffold with Mistress prynne and the child. 'Wbateuer, 6 Howeuer,l the poor child did not have a father for very long, 7 that I to seethe great, scarlet letter 'A' on his chest, 8 While I After little Pearl had kissed him, Flester Prynne's child!

3 Hester wanted Roger to forgive her and Arthur and become a wise, kind man again . . 4 Arthur thought life was easierfor Hester . ' 5 Hester advised Arthur to leave Boston . . 6 Arthur was worried about getting to know Pearl ' . 7 Pearl did not want to go to her mother ' . 8 Hester and Arthur decided to return to England . . 9 . . but Roger thought it was too late for that now. 10 . . until she had put the scarlet letter back on her bosom. 1,1,. . becauseeveryone knew about her sin. 12 .

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