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By Dr. Ekwere J. Peters

Quantity three of complex Petrophysics provides the ideas to the one hundred fifty end-of-chapter routines and tasks in Volumes 1 and a pair of.

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5% less than Archie’s equation in this case.

Pulverizing the sample into a powder destroys any isolated pores that may be present. Therefore, the porosity determined above is the total porosity. 4b No. What has been calculated is the total porosity because the pore volume determined by subtracting the mineral grain volume from the bulk volume is the total pore volume, which includes the isolated pores if present. 7a where A is the cross-sectional area of the core. 7b Method 1 Apply the integrated form of Darcy’s Law to the core before it was cut.

7b Method 2 The total permeability of the core is the harmonic average of the permeabilities of the pieces in series. 8b To generate the calibration curve, use the given data to plot a graph of Vs vs P1/P2. This should be a straight line. It is always advantageous to plot a linear calibration curve if possible. 1 shows the calibration curve. 8e Only the gas in the connected pores participates in this gas expansion experiment. Therefore, the porosity from this gas expansion experiment is the effective porosity.

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Advanced Petrophysics by Dr. Ekwere J. Peters

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