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By Gareth A.G. Brenton, John Monaghan, Alison Ashcroft

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This quantity comprises contributions in accordance with the various Invited Lectures given on the sixteenth triennial overseas Mass Spectrometry convention (IMSC) in Edinburgh (September 2003) whereas the accompanying CD comprises the Abstracts of the entire authorised papers-Oral and Posters. commonly the IMSC has a powerful emphasis at the basics and new instrumentation of mass spectrometry and on instrumental advancements, and this custom has persisted. there has been, besides the fact that, an both robust emphasis in Edinburgh on key program parts in mass spectrometry like genomics, proteomics, metabonomics; drug metabolism and bioanalysis, discovery pharma, research in pharmaceutical improvement methods; environmental chemistry, meals and food, forensics, and engineering materials.The Invited teachers are all overseas specialists. Their articles not just summarise the present nation of mass spectrometry of their personal components of workmanship but in addition spotlight the present scorching subject matters in mass spectrometry. vital for all libraries as an updated precis. - provides a present precis of mass spectrometry. - Covers either major mass spectrometric functions and advancements. - overseas workforce of members.

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IMSS Budget IMSS is a low budget organization. It is committed to sponsor the Thomson Medal Awards program at the 16th IMSC and future IMSCs, to pay also to maintain the IMSS web site and to pay legal and banking costs. It has no other expenses and has not paid anything for office staff, travel, or any other expenses. Further details are contained in the financial report of the Treasurer. Mode of Operation The IMSS is operating in an entirely open fashion. Information on its aims, operations, and past actions is available for the asking.

Q. D. Miller, R. B. Q. Liu, Use of a quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer in metabolite identification and bioanalysis. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 17 (2003) 1137. E. Ashcroft, G. J. V. CHAPTER 2 Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry in Medicine Denis F. Hochstrasser 1,3,4,∗ , Garry Corthals 1 , Catherine Zimermann 1 , Alexander Scherl 1 , Lydie Bougueleret 4, Jacques Colinge 4 , Alexandre Masselot 4, Pierre-Alain Binz 2 , Markus Muller 2 , Amos Bairoch 2,3,4 , Ron D. , CH 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland Abstract Diseases are often, if not always, due to both genetic predisposition and the environment.

Further one-electron oxidation to a nitroxyl radical likely precipitated homolytic C–C bond cleavage and contraction of the original 6-membered ring to a five-membered heterocycle. From a biological perspective, the results of these studies raise interesting questions about the nature of the intermediates involved in this pathway, and raise the possibility that iminium ions may not be the sole reactive species generated during the metabolism of substituted piperidine derivatives. Finally, elucidation of the structure of the ring-contracted metabolite by MS/MS analysis was greatly facilitated by the availability of accurate mass data from the Q-TOFTM instrument, which routinely provides masses of precursor and product ions to an accuracy of 5 ppm or less, more than adequate for the unambiguous assignment of elemental composition to parent and product ions from low molecular weight drug molecules and their metabolites [23].

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Advances in Mass Spectrometry, Volume 16: Plenary and Keynote Lectures of the 16th International Mass Sepctrometry Conference by Gareth A.G. Brenton, John Monaghan, Alison Ashcroft

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