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5 moral character of alayavijiiana. hich implies its being morally neutral (avyakrta) but the issue may well have become thematic only some~hat after the i ntroduction of alayavijiiana (cp. 4 and 3. 12) . Yet, i f the term 'alayavij nana' had c ontain_ed, from the outset, t he nuance of the ne w vijiiiina. being (pa rt of) what is clung to as Self (s ee § 2 . 13. 6 In Initia1. 2). taught to be and to prevent death, in nil"odhasamtipatti, but " 0 t tell u s anything about its occurrence nil"odhasamapatti .

E . the body , or body-and-mind) was transmuted at the time of attaining dhyana . 300 § 3. 1-3. 1 since there mu 1 - of at l east two vijMnas : one or the occur rence and alayavijiiana . of t he ordina r y vijiidnas. tr"b Leomatic ,i is explicit But this was s howing that the 3o rre-alayavijnanic materials of t he Yoga carabhumi ] share t he view ~f .... i ty several uijritinas cannot ~ s ure, Nt ~f alayavijiiana i s, See d 5 (bija) evidence aris e simulta neous ly. ed i nto anew J subliminal ki nd mind, and t here is no objection t o the simul taneous occurrence ...

For this outl ine Ba8ic Section not only by explicitly the subliminal vijnana containing all Seeds and its simultaneity with t he supraliminal, ordinary forms of mind 354 and by even admitting the simultaneous occurrence of several of these ordinary forms of mind , sublimina l mind as the cognitions, bas i s but also by describing of the ordinary perceptions and and this not merely (as in the Basic Section) in the sense of being their Seed but also, and even primarily J 354a as a kind of simultaneous sub s t r a t u m or fundamental layer J § 3 .

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