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On the other hand the scholiasts heaped abusive epithets on him; see the list in index II of Scholia in Lucianum, ed. H. Rabe, Leipzig 1906. 13 6etal;et: 'worships', Hellenistic in this sense. 15 A~~t: 'vocabulary'; the praise that follows is extravagant, especially as Lucian uses many words that do not seem to occur in Attic prose. 16 J

For more information about him see Photius' comments below, pp. 61f. The vivid picture of daily life and social conditions make the text attractive, and from the linguistic point of view it has the unusual and refreshing merit that there is no attempt to imitate Attic models; it is one of the few good sources for the development of the spoken language in Byzantium. There are several recensions of the Greek text, which have not yet been fully investigated. The book was translated into Latin, Old Church Slavonic and Arabic.

De Boor, Leipzig 1883, reprinted 1963. J~aov 9f)pas Kal 9flpaa£as Twv vflaoov ~ TOV I3v6ov Tfis 6aACxO'O'flS rnl f}~pas TlVCxS, Kal KaTCx I'PCXXV 1l'CX)(VVOIJ~V11 Kal &1TOA160V~Vfl' Tfj ~~6:\vEl TfiS TTVpwSovs s ~KKCXIiaeoos oAos 6 Kcrnvas TTVpocpavf}s ~SeiKVVTo. Tfj Se ncxxVTT)Tl Tfis yewSovs ova{as 1TETpOKlO'af)povs 1Jey6:Aovs oos A6cpovs 1 a\rr4': 'this', as in modern Greek. lv6t1CT1&>VOS 6': 'in the ninth in diction'. Byzantine dates were usually expressed in terms of an indiction cycle of fifteen years; the alternative was to reckon from the creation of the world (5508 B.

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